Logo Rules

Bluestar Management Systems operates Management System Certification schemes under which certifications are granted to clients from various sectors, whose documented Management Systems conforms to their relevant standards on a continuous and consistent basis.

Service of Bluestar Management Systems under this scheme are available to all types of applicants irrespective of size of client, its affiliation, financial status, geographical location etc. Further the scheme is being administered in a nondiscriminatory manner. This scheme is applicable to all organizations regardless of size, type and product/service provided. If an explanation is required to a specific certification, it shall be formulated by an impartial competent committee and made known by Bluestar Management Systems. Bluestar Management Systems shall use these rules on certification to those matters specifically related to scope of certification being considered. The rules that govern this scheme are given in this Section.


A company certified by Bluestar Management Systems may use the Bluestar Management Systems logo on company letterheads and literature, subject to the conditions below :

Note: Clients where Bluestar Management Systems has certified subsidiaries, divisions, departments or offices of a company and not the company as a whole is most affected by this requirement. Clients must exercise care in the use of certification logo and marks to ensure no misrepresentation of scope for which certification is granted.

  On Product *1 On larger boxes, etc. used for transportation of products *2 In pamphlets, etc. used for advertisement
Without a statement Not allowed Not allowed Allowed *5
With a statement *4 Not allowed Allowed *5 Allowed *5

Misuse And Penalty

Misuse of Bluestar Management Systems certification logo would lead to corrective action, withdrawal of certification, publication of the transgression and, if necessary, other legal action