Management System Rules

Bluestar Management Systems operates a Management System Certification schemes under which certifications are granted to clients from various sectors, whose documented Management Systems conforms to their relevant standards on a continuous and consistent basis. Services of Bluestar Management Systems under this scheme are available to all types of applicants irrespective of size of client, its affiliation, financial status, geographical location, product/service provided etc. Further the scheme is being administered in a nondiscriminatory manner.

1 Requirements

1.1 Initial Assessment/Audit for Certification

2 Certification

2.1 Continuance of Certification

2.2 Suspension and Withdrawal of Certification

2.3 Changes to the Management System Certification Criteria or Applicable International Standards

2.4 Re- Certification

The certified client’s entire management system shall be recertified at a cycle of three years and before the expiration of validity. When there are significant changes to the management system of the client, or the context in which the management system is operating (i.e changes to legislation), re-certification audit activities may include stage I. Bluestar Management Systems will consider the re-certification only when correction and corrective actions are implemented before the expiration of certification for any nonconformity or lacks of evidence of conformity are identified during the re-certification audit.

3 Complaints / Appeals

An Organization who is aggrieved in any way as a result of this agreement or by other actions of Bluestar Management Systems as they relate to the Certification process may file a written complaint. This must be received by Bluestar Management Systems within 30 days of occurrence. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the Organization may appeal the decision to Bluestar Management Systems, within 30 days of the original disposition. Complaints that are not closed out within 3 months of that agreed timeframe shall be brought to the attention of DAC.

4 Auditee’s/Clients Responsibilities