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Why choose us?

Why Choose Bluestar?

  • We are a Global registrar providing a wide range of services across North America, Middle East and Asia Accredited by United Accreditation Foundation (UAF) which is a full member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF). We have certified 1000+ clients across 65+ countries worldwide.
  • Client relationships built on responsiveness, reliability, quality and value added services customized to specific needs.
  • Commitment to provide independent & impartial services to our customers.

Right Mix of Industry, Domain and Auditing Expertise Worldwide:

  • We are a global team of expert professionals operating in auditing, certification, marketing and business development.
  • Our periodic qualification trainings ensure all our staff is perfectly equipped to ensure highest quality of services.
  • We share best practices and keep you informed of new industry requirements and trends.
  • Our global team can help you comply with regulatory requirements and ensure effective performance of your processes and systems.

Core Values

Our Core Values – G.R.E.A.T. S.T.A.R

Growth :- Our activities shall be focused and result oriented which shall help everyone to grow.

Results:- Our approach and actions shall be result oriented.

Exceed Commitments :- Whatever we shall commit, we shall deliver more than that. We never make wrong commitments.

Adequate Training:-We shall provide adequate training to all our clients, employees and then delegate.

Transparency :- We shall be transparent in all concerned matters with our clients and employees.

Support:- We shall provide proper support to our clients and employees.

Teamwork:- We shall work as a healthy team and encourage team building with clients and employees.

Authority:- We shall delegate authorities to our team members as per their capacity, capabilities and assigned responsibilities.

Reporting:- We shall keep precise reporting parameters for our clients and employees.

Bluestar Management Systems is a leading International ISO Certification Body, Offering value-added services in over 65+ countries worldwide.

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