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Certificate ID10122-EMS-1122
ScopeLandscaping Contracting, Irrigation Networks Contracting, Main Roads, Streets and Related Works Contracting, All Kind Building Projects Contracting, Rain Water Drainage Contracting, Main Sewerage Networks Contracting, Green Houses Contracting, Swimming Pools Installation Works, Electrical Contracting, Water Desalination and Treatment Stations Contracting, Submain Sewerage Networks and Houses Connection Contracting, Indoor Decoration Plants and Seedlings (Nurseries) Cultivation, Wholesale of Plants and Trees Saplings Trading, Facilities Management Services and Agricultural Pest Control, Management and Operation of Public Utilities and Beaches, Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields and Facilities Services. Mechanical Contracting, Interior Design Implementation Works(Decor), Water Iron Tanks Projects Contracting, Sports Grounds and Racetracks Greenery Service, Land Preparation and Irrigation Systems Works and Maintenance.
Original Certification Date27/01/2023
Revised Certification Date
First Surveillance Due On26/01/2024
First Surveillance Done On22/02/2024
Second Surveillance Due On25/01/2025
Second Surveillance Done On
Expiry Date26/01/2026
Certification Body NameBluestar
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