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Certificate ID10178-QMS-1178
ScopeDesign, Manufacture, Supply of Moulded Rubber & Plastic Products and Manufacture & Supply of Upper and Lower Rubber Washer. UIC type Elastomer Flange (Rubber Vestibule). High Capacity Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (Arnitel Equivalent to Hytrel) Upper & Lower Washer, Injection Moulded Axle Box front Cover, Block for Anchor Link & Poly Acetal Protective Tube, Composite Grooved Rubber Sole Plate. Sole Plate Made to Thermo Plastic Elastomers Usage between Rail and Concrete Sleeper, Side Bearer pad, HPPA Break Gear & Axle Box Pivot Bush Ball Joint Traction Lever & Roll Link, Traction Center Elastic Joint, Lateral Bump Stop & Primary Bump Stop, Rubber Spring, Rubber Pad for Longitudinal Bump Stop, Silicon Foam & Fabrication of Seats and Sleeper Berths. Intercoach Gangway with Flexible Interior System Including Footplate for LHB Coaches. Flexible Gangway with Footplate along with Side Fairing for EMU Train Set. Flexible Gangway with Foot Plate (Half Module). Rubber Metal Bonded Kit for Underslung Motor Coach. Center Pivot Bush, Stabilizer link assembly, Traction Rod assembly, Side Bumper, Bump Stop for Primary Suspension, Primary Suspension Bush, Motor Suspension Pad, Rubber Pad for Primary Suspension, Pad for Secondary Suspension, Constant Contact Side Bearer, Elastomeric Pad, HVN Liner, Lateral Bump Stop, Anti Roll Bar Bush, Longitudinal Bump Stop, Radial Arm Bush, Primary Suspension Stop, Rubber Shear Pad & Air Spring Assemblies for Coaches.
Original Certification Date06/09/2019
Revised Certification Date03/09/2022
First Surveillance Due On05/09/2023
First Surveillance Done On01/09/2023
Second Surveillance Due On04/09/2024
Second Surveillance Done On
Expiry Date05/09/2025
Certification Body NameBluestar
Bluestar Management Systems is a leading International ISO Certification Body, Offering value-added services in over 65+ countries worldwide.

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