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Certificate ID10205-EMS-1205
ScopeConstruction, Creation, Improvement, Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Remodeling, Engineering, Reconstruction, Expansion, Conditioning, Installation, Execution, Consulting and Supervision of Pre-investment Studies at the Profile Level and Technical Files of Civil, Urban or Rural Works for Both the Public and Private Sector In: Educational, Sports, Recreational and Health Infrastructure, Shopping Centers, Parks and Public Spaces, Civil Buildings, Road Infrastructure, Vehicular and Pedestrian Transitability, Paving of Vehicular Roads at Rigid, Flexible and Cobble Level, Tracks and Trails , Roads, Neighborhood Roads, Hydraulic Infrastructures, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Riverian Defense, Earth Movement, Rapid Road, Drainage, Dams, Canals, Demolition Work, Technical Irrigation, Sanitation and Irrigation Works, Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Residual, Reservoir, Drinking Water System, Sewer, Sanitary Landfills, Electrifications, Industries and Airports, Metal Structures and Urban Enablement.
Original Certification Date24/11/2023
Revised Certification Date
First Surveillance Due On23/11/2024
First Surveillance Done On
Second Surveillance Due On22/11/2025
Second Surveillance Done On
Expiry Date23/11/2026
Certification Body NameBluestar
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